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Our words mean business. Your business. It’s your message, polished and perfected for your audience. The most important thing “about us” is that we’re all about you.

Richard Goulde Owner

My employment in writing started before I even realized it was a career, when I wrote and sold study guides for my classmates in high school.

In college, I founded and ran my own small-press publishing company.

Afterwards, I delved into more sales-centric work in the financial sector. Sales honed my focus: the copy has a job to do, and the page might as well be blank if it doesn’t achieve its goal.

From there, I naturally gravitated into a position as Director of Marketing Communications, for Evision Worldwide, an agency that specializes in providing digital marketing services to the travel industry and hospitality sector.

The only job I’ve ever held where I didn’t do one jot of writing was at the IRS. But then, the IRS is not exactly known for creative, compelling copy. I am.

Holly Hickman Partner

I am both data-driven and creative. I don’t paint by numbers… I paint with numbers. And I make it all pretty and accessible.

As a former national radio correspondent, Associated Press newswoman and space reporter — holding two degrees from Columbia University — I can pretty much write anything from highly technical white papers to recipes.

My work has been published by The World Economic Forum, The Economist Group, The Washington Post, Latina Magazine, Fox News, CBS.com and a host of other major media groups. Such broad and high-level exposure is all about tailoring the tone and voice of a piece to suit the audience, whether those readers be Economist subscribers, silver investors, data geeks, or moms looking for healthy food.

And that’s what I do: my work amplifies your voice (and sometimes gives you a voice) and ensures your message reaches and touches your audience.

"Great job! The articles are near perfection! Thanks so much for taking this project on. You really hit the nail on the head."

Ashley Howland Baylor Health System

"Masterful work."

Karen Sesona Tyler Technologies

"Thanks, Richard! I love it, it's perfect! I can write you a review, but you'll end up having to rewrite it!"

Kate W. Polished By Design

"You are a rock star! You keep turning in work and I can't even find time to respond."

Melanie Korn Evision Worldwide
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