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Capture traffic, build loyalty, boost branding and convert visitors, all with a single content product.

Blogs are fantastic: there are few digital marketing endeavors that are so flexible, have such reach, and function as an ongoing investment with no built-in shelf-life. In other words, developed with solid strategy and populated by stellar content, a blog accrues benefits and only grows more powerful over time. Today’s blog post will still be serving you months or even years from now.

We can help with blog strategy, development and excellent content.

Our copywriting alone can help drive a successful blog, but please know that we have experience in more than just filling in the words: we have managed many client blogs in their entirety – strategy, development, content production and publication. Blogs are also a key area where the ability to speak to both search engines and readers with equal ease comes into powerful play.

What are your goals?

Not all blogs are equal. Some are populated with content intended mostly to cull traffic from Google, while remaining minimally engaging to human readers – which can be a solid strategy in the right circumstances, especially if you sell a service or product that’s an infrequent purchase for most people (like divorce attorneys or some medical specialists).

Meanwhile, other blogs are intended to build a massive human readership over time, and the ability to collect organic search traffic is just icing on the cake. That’s because an effective blog can do more than just cultivate loyal readers: it can turn your audience into brand evangelists who spread the word on your behalf (by sharing, liking and retweeting) and then convert into sales or ad clicks over and over again.

And sometimes, your blog needs to function as a hybrid, and its content must carefully balance how it addresses its audience(s), all while returning a high ROI for the investment.

What can we do for you?

Content production

Whether you’re primarily addressing search engines, humans or the delicate balance of both, we produce the kind of content that’s appropriate for your needs and budget, while always remaining on target technically for Google, creatively engaging for your readers, and savvy to the approaches that spark interest. Blog articles can be packaged with a volume discount upon request.

Blog development and strategy

Even if we only just end up consulting with you on your strategy, a solid game plan pays dividends in the long run. Our initial consultation is always no-charge and no-obligation, any ideas brainstormed included. We can help you identify goals, structure and put together a solid plan for your blog.

Blog implementation and oversight

Finally, we can also run your blog after its initial development, ensuring that it stays on track, managing multiple writers (if appropriate), developing and adhering to a calculated editorial schedule, and following up with analytics tracking and reporting.

Get started now!

For more information, please contact us via the form in the sidebar. In the meantime, our blog writing portfolio awaits your review.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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