Brochures and Collateral Writing

Transform sentences into salespeople and teachers.

Brochures offer an exceptional vehicle to spread your message and inspire action in your target audience. They are perfect when you need to present a multilayered message with absolute control over the order in which each layer is presented. In other words, the content and visuals of each panel create a series of successive emotional responses in the reader, starting with a “Wow!” hook and finishing in a “I’m contacting them right now!” call-to-action.

Good copy is easy to read but hard to write.

Ready to master your messaging? That’s where we come in. We specialize in brisk, persuasive and informative writing that transforms sentences into teachers and salespeople. Our writing makes both of us look good.

Save time.
With quick turnarounds and targeted writing, we can spare you hours of effort.
Save money.
Not only do we offer great rates, you pay only for the services you order.
Perfect your messaging.
Expertise equals results.

What are your needs?

Let’s talk about how my experience, expertise and insight can benefit your unique brochure and marketing collateral. Our initial consultation is always no-charge and no-obligation, any ideas brainstormed included. Just reach out via the form in the sidebar. Meanwhile, our extensive writing portfolio and collection of testimonials await your review.

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Transform sentences into salespeople and teachers.

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Marketing Collateral Writing