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Shorten the sales cycle with a powerful piece of collateral.

A comparative chart indicating where and how case studies fit into the buying and sales cycles.

A case study is a story that sells; and executed well, it shortens the sales cycle — sometimes dramatically. It works by bridging a key gap in the sales process, between evaluation and purchase, and serving as a proxy for word-of-mouth advertising. With a case study in your marketing arsenal, you indicate you can meet your prospective customers' needs; translate your abstract sales messaging into vivid, credible stories; and prove your claims with real-world examples. It's all about cultivating customers' confidence in you, and that's potent persuasion when it comes to purchasing decisions.

A Compelling Case Study Must Layer Its Messaging.

The writer must breathe life and vitality into the narrative, and then underscore every statement with your company’s unique value proposition. The study must pull the reader along a carefully, strategically constructed path so that they are left with only a singular, inevitable conclusion: to do business with you.

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Expert Case Study Writer

We translate the complex into the readable and weave disparate facts into engaging and even entertaining narratives. Beyond skills as wordsmiths, with experience as a former marketing director, we can fit case studies perfectly into the sales cycle and align them with a larger marketing and sales strategy to produce stellar, measurable results.

How A Case Study Works

Conventional wisdom says that white papers are best early in the sales cycle in finding prospects and turning prospects into leads (and it is true they’re better for lead generation), while case studies are better later in the sales cycle for converting leads into customers. As you can see in the infographic above, there’s truth to this claim — case studies are generally most effective later in the sales cycle. Still, a good case study is something that will actually function at all stages. That’s because the sales process begins with simple awareness, and case studies can serve as engaging collateral that can be easily shared between contacts and explored through online searches.

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