White Paper Writing

My words mean business.

White papers can work wonders for business, but it takes an expert white paper copywriter to craft a heavy-hitter.

The marriage of wordsmith craftsmanship, savvy marketing acumen and clever sales psychology is a skill few firms can boast; but with two decades of experience in crafting compelling copy and experience as a Marketing Director specializing in digital, I can apply that trifecta of skills toward producing powerful, optimized writing that makes a mark on the target audience.

Whatever your goal for the paper, my work drives targeted interest in your business while compelling the reader to take whatever action you desire.

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White Paper Writing and the Sales Cycle

White papers are ideal for use early in the sales cycle, but they function beautifully throughout the entire process.

As one of the few pieces of marketing collateral likely to be spontaneously shared between colleagues and interested parties, they generate brand awareness automatically. Then, they credential your claims when prospects and leads are researching you. In other words, white papers can:

  • Generate leads at the start of the sales funnel;
  • Nurture prospective customers in the middle; and
  • Support buying decisions at the end.
This is where I come in: I translate the complex into the readable, weaving a solid foundation of fact and knowledge into an engaging, impactful narrative.

How I Work: My Proven White Paper Process

I follow a straightforward, proven process -- fine-tuned through years of hard-won experience -- on every white paper. My goal: get the paper to you as painlessly as possible, fast, and with the fewest possible revisions required.

Proposal Stage: It starts with a simple, 15-minute conversation.

  • In ~15 minutes, I can get all the details I need to prepare a detailed 3-5 page proposal.
  • That document will include recommendations, ideas, best practices, pricing and timelines.
  • At this stage, you haven't committed to anything, and you're free to run with my ideas.
  • Many writers charge for the detailed level of analysis and brainstorming I offer for free.
  • Get started immediately by filling out the quick contact form on the sidebar or below.

Production Stage: Upon your go-ahead and receipt of the deposit, I'll get into the meat of the project. I'll:

  • Dive into rock-solid research that backs up every claim made in the paper;
  • Conduct professional interviews with your experts, or from our own network, as needed;
  • Create a detailed outline so you can quickly verify the approach is right on target;
  • Craft a paper whose message is as powerful as its salesmanship is subtle;
  • Use crisp details and freshly procured facts to bring the subject matter to vivid life;
  • Write in the right style for you, from fun and conversational to formal and authoritative;
  • Revise the paper until you're thrilled with it;
  • Provide simple, attractive design and visuals so you can start using the paper immediately;
  • Deliver a final, polished copy alongside a complete PDF file of all sources, if requested, for your records.

Start making an impact on your market now!

Just contact me via the form below, or review my portfolio of work for yourself. Thank you -- and I look forward to hearing from you!

White Paper Portfolio Samples


  • "Masterful work."

    Karen Sesona Tyler Technologies
  • "Yes yes yes!  You have nailed what I’m trying to achieve!"

    Sue L. OSF Commerce
  • “Richard's writing is eloquent and full of wit (if desired) and his ability to adjust his style according to our needs helped us find just the right message to send to our clients. He took a relatively complex subject and made it easily understandable to the layman. If I had three thumbs, I would put them all up! Thanks Richard!"

    Bill Geoghegan Acorn Marketing Group
  • "Richard, outstanding!  You 'nailed it'!"

    James McGriff PSL Solutions
  • "WOW! I love all the effort and work you’ve put together for us so far."

    Lisa Deville DIS-TRAN Packaged Substations, LLC
  • "Richard, great job with the social media white paper...the paper looks and reads great!"

    Ronnie Soud Evision Worldwide
  • "You are a rock star! You keep turning in work and I can't even find time to respond."

    Melanie Korn Evision Worldwide





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